Top 10 genius all-rounders in 2021.

Ten most dangerous all-rounders in the world of cricket who are going to wreak havoc in the World Cup. Friends say that the most important role in cricket is played by a good all-rounder.

He not only takes wickets with his bowling but also turns the match around with his brilliant batting which is why he is also called 2 on the cricket field. In today’s article, we will show you 10 such all-rounders.

Top 10 Genius All Rounder in 2021

No. 10 Charis Morris South Africa.

Friends, many of you will be accustomed to the smoky batting of heirs. It would have been a nightmare if they had attacked the bowler. Because of these feats, Morris has become the most expensive player in the IPL and earns crores of rupees annually.

He plays cricket for Darshan Africa but Pasha does not allow him to be on the team. He could play in the 2021 World Cup and his smoky batting and bowling could make rival teams worse.

What makes Chris Morris special is his speed and strength that sets him apart from other all-rounders. He bowls at 140 and specializes in power headings. That is why it was bought in the IPL for Rs 160 million.

No. 9 Muhammad Nabi Afghanistan.

Friends, what can you say about Muhammad Nabi? Many of you may be surprised to see the Prophet on this list. But guys, he has the batting and bowling skills that make him the most dangerous all-rounder in the world. He has so far scored 4,000 runs and taken 210 wickets.

That is why Nabi has become the world’s number one all-rounder in the ICC rankings. He plays at a strike rate of 150 and is a nightmare for the bowlers. He also plays in the middle and plays a key role in his team’s victory.

No. 8 Muhammad Hafiz Pakistan.

Friends, many of you will be surprised to see Hafeez on this list. If Pakistan has another all-rounder then why Hafeez was included. Because friends, after Afridi, he is the only player who can win the match for Pakistan.

When they move, they play at a strike rate of 160. And with his magic bowling, he catches good batsmen, which is why he is ranked 8th among the dangerous all-rounders in the T20 World Cup.

No. 7 Crown Pollard WI

If we don’t talk about Caron Pollard, the greatest man in the world of cricket, then this is also a total injustice. He has become the most dangerous all-rounder in the world at the cost of his batting and bowling. This is the same man who rained fours and sixes on the cricket ground.

And many famous domestic bowlers have proved their mettle by ruining their careers. That is why they are known as The Big Red Machine. He is also a reliable bowler who has scored a century of wickets so far, which is why he is the seventh most dangerous all-rounder in the T20 World Cup.

No. 6 James Neesham NZ.

Friends, many of you may not know the name James Nesham. Because he is an all-in-one Reddit all-rounder but could be a comet in the T20 World Cup 2019.

And can rain fours and sixes against any team. The highlight of Nishim is its power heating. He plays with a strike rate of 200 and is an expert in power heating.

He has shown the essence of his batting and bowling in the 2019 World Cup and has played the most important role in taking New Zealand to the final. That is why he is the fifth most dangerous all-rounder in the world.

No. 5 Ravinder Jadeja India.

Friends, Ravinder Jadeja has been called the most talented all-rounder in the world of cricket. He proved his mettle in both batting and bowling. He is not only a good all-rounder but also an excellent fielder. Selling the ball to them means that the batsman is going to take their wicket.

Because friends are fielding at lightning speed and diving in such a way that onlookers are stunned. Jadeja helped India win the Champions Trophy against the world’s most powerful team, England, in 2013.

He is the one who has shouldered the struggling Indian team many times. And capable of playing under pressure. That is why Jadeja is still considered better than Pandya Bardar. Do you think Jadeja is good or will every Pandya comment?

No. 4 Glenn Maxwell Australia

Friends, many of you must have been upset to see Maxwell at this number. They bat but not so much in bowling. Because friends, these are very few bowlers, but when they bowl, they do magic against the front team and drop wickets on wickets.

That is why he has become the best hitter of all time in the world of cricket. And earn crores of rupees in IPL. When bids are placed on them, the franchise rains down notes. He has taken 150 wickets so far and scored over 5000 runs. And he has become the guru of the players who wreaked havoc in the T20 World Cup and then knocked.

No. 3 Shakib Al Hasan.

Friends, when it comes to the best all-rounders in the world of cricket, the name of this bloodthirsty player from Bangladesh will definitely be mentioned. He scored runs against the best teams in the world and bowled well-known batsmen with his bowling. He is one of the few all-rounders in the world to score 10,000 runs and take over 500 wickets.

He was often ranked number one in the world in the ICC rankings.

He is a reliable player who has won his team alone many times. Shakib Al Hasan proved with his performance that being a good player like a team can scare big teams. That is why he is ranked third in the world.

No. 2 Andre Russell WI

Russell is the greatest all-rounder of modern times. He scored at a strike rate of 160 in his career and took more than 100 wickets. They can take any team under their wing and turn the cricket ground into a black wind.

His strike rate is what makes him the most dangerous all-rounder in the world. Juice is known not only for his batting but also for his fast bowling. When he speaks at 140, the batsmen get out and get off the ground.

No. 1 Ben Stock Eng

The great Englishman of the 21st century is the sleeping lion of the world of cricket. He is ruling the world of cricket with his bowling and batting. He is also called the hero of the 2019 World Cup.

Because friends, the England team was at its peak in this World Cup. The reins were in Ben Stokes’ hands. He led England to the World Cup with his brilliant performance. Stroke was also an unbeaten bowler.

He would hit many batsmen while bowling. He took 250 wickets in his career. He is very fast in batting and has scored 8000 runs for England.