Top 10 Funny Cricket Commercials India vs Pakistan

Friends, today is the age of cricket. The world-renowned brand prefers players over film actors and selects the world’s cricketing superstars to promote its brand. In today’s article, we are going to show you some commercials that were great. So get ready, it’s time to laugh.

No. 10 Afridi’s ridiculous ad.

Friends, this ad shows that Afridi is a very powerful Gulf player. He hits the tree twice when he hits the game twice and knocks down the driver, including the car. After that Afridi drinks Pepsi and goes to play cricket.

No. 9 Advertisement of Shoaib and Wasim.

Friends, Shoaib Akhtar Wasim gets money in this advertisement. 4 lakh When Wasim asks for money, Shoaib gives him a hen that lays a golden egg. But then you see what happens.

No. 8 List Malanga’s Funny Pepsi Advertisement.

In this Pepsi ad, Listh Malinga goes on a trip and sees a traffic policeman on the way. He trains Malanga to bowl with a Pepsi stick.

No. 6 Kohli’s Chocolate Advertisement.

Friends, this conclusion shows that the pill was born in a very poor family. It was very incompetent and there was no such thing as talent. But once it eats chocolate and then you see what happens.

No. 5 Misbah and Afridi’s Adventure Ed.

Friends, this ad takes us into the world of adventure movies. Where Misbah and Afridi have spent many years. And try to get out of there. Suddenly one day he saw a bottle of Pepsi. And they both want to drink it, but the bottle is the same. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. And whose success do you see in this ad?

No. 4 Chris Gayle’s Funny IPL Ad

Friends, in this episode, Chris Gayle is a pundit and Priyanka Chopra comes to beg for the victory of the Chennai Super Kings. And Prabhu says that this time Chennai will win in IBL. Chris Gayle takes off his sheet and pulls out a Pepsi bottle from below. Then you see what happens.

No. 3 Umar Gul’s Funny Advertisement.

In this advertisement, Umar Gul made a long start in the game of bowling and broke the LED when he threw the ball. Then a girl comes and changes Omar Gul’s life by drinking Pepsi.

No. 2 Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Friends, in this commercial advertisement, this man is teaching Maharaja Singh Dhoni helicopter shorts from a fodder cutting machine. See how Mahendra Singh Dhoni keeps the helicopter small after cutting the fodder.

No. 1 Shoaib Akhtar.

In this advertisement, Shalit’s father had been waiting for Shoaib for forty years that he would one day pass away. But one day he grows old and dies. See what happened after that.