Top 10 fathers and sons in cricket

Ten children in the world follow in their father’s footsteps and become cricketers when they grow up. Friends, it is said that man follows in the footsteps of his elders. What the father does, the son does.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about 10 famous cricketers of the world. He had cricket in his blood and inherited it from his father. His father was also a dangerous player for some time. Let’s see which sons follow in their father’s footsteps.

Top 10 Father and Son Pairs in Cricket

No. 10 David and Johnny.

Friends, if we talk about the best wicket-keeper of today, then the name of the famous England batsman Johnny Bristow will definitely come to our notice. He is a permanent member of the England team and also fills the pockets of money in the IPL. He inherited the skill of capping from his father.

Because his father was also a great wicket-keeper and played cricket for England. David played only four ODIs and 21 Tests. Although his career was limited, he was a favorite of cricket fans. But friends, he committed suicide and embarrassed his son by embracing death. But David’s son Johnny is the best player ever.

Son of No. 9 Yuvraj.

Friends, you may have heard the name of Yuvraj Singh who is a famous Indian batsman and sixes hitter. You know what kind of batsman he is. Because not everyone can put 6 sixes on their sixes.

But did you know that he inherited cricket from his father? Yes, friends, his father was also a cricketer. But he could play only one Test and one ODI for India. Yuvraj is one of the players who helped his team win the T20 World Cup and the ICC World Cup.

No. 8 Moin and Azam Khan.

Two hundred When you first saw Azam Khan, the only thing that came to your mind was that this fat boy had reached this place on the recommendation of his father. But when he gave a performance, he surprised the audience and only one voice started echoing on social media. Bring Azam Khan in the team and keep Sarfraz and Rizwan out.

Because friends, they have the power that every 21st-century batsman should have. Not only that, but he is also a great wicketkeeper. But friends, did you know that his father was also a power hitter and he also played easy wicketkeeper for Pakistan.

Moin Khan was also one of the winners of the 1992 World Cup. And we hope that his son will rule the world of cricket in the future.

No. 7 Son of Chris.

Friends, whenever you watch swing bowling. So the map of this England bowler must have come to your mind. He has played in all three formats for England, T20, and Test cricket. And after Anderson, he became the second wrestler to take 500 wickets for England.

But guys, did you know that his father Chris Broad has played 25 Tests and 34 ODIs for England? But he was not a bowler like his son but a batsman. In this short career, he scored seven centuries and fifty stars.

No. 6 Tom, son of Rod.

Tom Latham has become a permanent part of the New Zealand team after friend Brendan McCullum. And so far he has played in 166. Latham is also the vice-captain in ODI and Test cricket.

His father was a road lithium all-rounder and was known for his power-hitting. He played 4 Tests and 34 DI matches for the Kiwis. Which makes them a special pair of father and son.

No. 5 Sachin and Arjun Tendulkar.

There is hardly a cricket lover who does not know about Sachin Tendulkar, the biggest run machine in cricket. He had all the qualities of a cricket field that were enough to destroy any bowler. That is why the world knows him as the God of Cricket and the Little Master.

There was a batsman who scored centuries in World Cup cricket and left everyone behind in the pace of runs. But friends, did you know that he also has a son named Arjun Tendulkar?

Cricket is inherited from his father. That is why Arjun went to play for Mumbai Indians in 2021 IPL. And the son will also start his career with Mumbai Indians.

No. 4 Son of Hanif Muhammad.

Friends, Muhammad Family is the biggest name in Pakistan cricket. Hanif Muhammad Taq is at the forefront. He became known as the Little Master because of his deeds. He represented Pakistan in 55 Test matches. Hanif Mohammad also scored the first triple century for Pakistan.

No Pakistani batsman could go beyond his 333 runs. Hanif’s son Shoaib Mohammad was also part of the Pakistani team. He played 45 Tests and 63 ODIs for Pakistan. Like his father, he was a great batsman. But did not shine like them.

No. 3 Kiran & Sons.

Friends, the Karan family has a big hand in the English cricket team. In particular, both Sam and Kiran have become permanent players for the England team. Whether it’s Test, ODI, or T20, one of the brothers definitely plays. Both are all-rounders.

And they are making good money from IPL. Sam with the left hand and Bowl with the left hand and Tom with the right hand. His third brother Ben Kiran is also ready to be part of the English team.

But friends, did you know that the father of these three brothers was also a famous cricketer. And he played for Zimbabwe. And later moved to England and started county cricket there.

No. 2 Marsh Family.

Friends, the Marsh family is a family in the world of cricket that almost every cricket fan knows about. Whether it’s Chief Marshal of the ’90s or today’s Mitchell and Sean Marsh, these fathers and sons have made a name for themselves in the world of cricket.

Sean Marsh is a dangerous batsman and is making his Test debut. He has scored a century against Sri Lanka. His younger brother Mitchell Marsh is an all-rounder and is known for his power-hitting. But friends, did you know that these two brothers have inherited cricket?

Because his father, Jeff Marsh, was an Australian batsman, he played fifty Tests and one hundred and seventeen ODIs. After retirement, he began coaching the Australian team and under his tutelage, Australia won the 1999 World Cup.

No. 1 Abdul Qadir and Usman Qadir.

Friends, most of you do not know about Abdul Qadir. Because it was a very old spinner but dangerous. Perhaps many people do not know that all the soldiers who were shot today are students of Abdul Qadir.

Because Abdul Qadir was the first to invent Google in the field of cricket. Who shoots any batsman? He himself will not live in this world but will leave his son. They act like their father and Google does like their father.

We can say that Usman Qadir is a copy of Abdul Qadir. And in the times to come, they can become the magicians of Pakistan.