Top 10 Dangerous Wicket Keepers

Friends, the wicketkeeper is the most dangerous weapon in the world of cricket. He can change the match at any time with his best effort. The position of the wicket-keeper in the team is like the brain in the human body.

That is why the best teams in the world are those who have great wicket-keepers. So, friends, today we are going to show you some of the cruelest wicketkeepers in the world of cricket who were very dangerous.

Top 10 Dangerous Wicketkeeper of All Time

No. 10 Jose Butler.

Friends, it will be too soon to add Butler to the all-time dangerous wicket-keeper, but the day will come when Butler will be considered a group of all wicket-keepers. Because they do wicket-keeping as well as extremely dangerous batting.

Whether it’s throwing the ball out of bounds or showing the essence of Spider-Man behind the women, they are at the forefront. Butler has become so dangerous that he can destroy any team. Because of these feats, he has become one of the top 10 wicket-keepers in the world of cricket.

No. 9 Brad Hayden Australia.

Who doesn’t know about Brad Hayden batting but he was also a dangerous wicket keeper? Selling him a catch meant that the batsman was losing his wicket. Why were friends or so fast? And he would catch the best batsmen. When Adam Gilchrist was injured, he was added to the team and became the best wicket-keeper in the world.

He played excellent cricket from 2008 to 2015 and won many matches for his team. He caught 450 batsmen behind the wickets which made him one of the 9 most dangerous wicket-keepers in the world.

No. 8 Brandon McCallum New Zealand.

When New Zealand did not have a fast batsman, it was Brendon McCullum who took the set and started bowling with good bowlers. He was the prince of all three formats in international cricket. It was great to see his batting. He is also called an expert in T20 cricket.

McCullum captained New Zealand for many years and was instrumental in taking his team to great heights. McCullum was not only a good batsman but also an excellent wicket-keeper. Who stands behind the wickets and catches 421 batsmen? That is why he has been included in the list of ten best wicket-keepers in the world.

No. 7 Lane Haley.

The world still remembers Australia’s bloodthirsty wicket-keeper and middle-order batsman or was the ultimate wicket-keeper. Which worked at lightning speed. When he retired, he had a record of most parts.

He started playing cricket in 1988 and played great cricket for Australia for 10 years. Meanwhile, 628 batsmen were caught behind the wickets. He was the most dangerous keeper of his generation. What was special about him was that he was also a great batsman. He scored over 6,000 runs for Australia which made him a dangerous wicket-keeper.

No. 6 Moin Khan.

Friends, Moin Khan is one of the batsmen and wicket keepers who performed in both fields. He was Pakistan’s most dangerous batsman in the 19’s and was also good at wicket-keeping. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that Moin Khan should have been the wicketkeeper in the second case while Rizwan and Sarfraz were in the 19th.

Because friends, this time cricket was very slow while Moin Khan’s strike rate used to go above 150 in many important matches. Nowadays cricket is very fast while Pakistani batsmen play 19-a-side cricket. That is why it is difficult to meet the target of T20 match 150. While Moin Khan was very fast even in this era, he was an excellent batsman and also an excellent wicket-keeper.

Now his skill can be gauged from the fact that in his career he has stood behind the wickets and caught 435 batsmen. And this hunt makes him the 6 most dangerous wicket-keepers in the world.

No. 5 Road Marsh.

Road Marsh is also known as the wildest player in the world of cricket because of his long mustache. He was Australia’s best wicket-keeper. Behind the wickets, he caught 95 batsmen off Dennis Layley’s balls, a world record.

He started playing cricket in 1970 and surprised everyone by catching 490 batsmen in his career. He had a great combination with Dennis Leila which turned into a world record.

No. 4 Mark Boucher’s .

Friends, when it comes to the most dangerous wicket-keepers in the world, Mark Boucher’s name will definitely come up. Because he was the most successful wicket-keeper in the world. And Mom and Dad hunt batsmen like lions and goats.

By the way, the most interesting thing about his career is that he wants to be known as Nine Nine-Nine. Because he caught 999 batsmen in his 15-year career. Which is a world record. There is no wicket-keeper in the world who can break his record. If we talk about the most successful wicket-keeper in the world, Mark Boucher comes first.

The reins of the dangerous wicket-keeper are in someone else’s hands. Butcher was not only a good wicket-keeper but also a great batsman with his fast batting. That is why he is still considered the most dangerous wicket-keeper in the world.

No. 3 Adam Gilchrist.

There is hardly a cricket lover who does not know about Australian bubbler Adam Gilchrist. As well as being the best wicket-keeper, he was also a dangerous batsman. When he started playing international cricket, there was a stir on the cricket field everywhere.

His strike rate was excellent in both ODIs and Tests. He was the first batsman in the world to score six centuries in Test cricket. Gilchrist has scored 33 centuries and 81 half-centuries in his career. He has a record that no wicket-keeper or batsman in the world can break. Admin for Australia 1999.

He played in the 2003 and 2007 World Cups and scored over 50 runs in all three World Cup finals. In the 2007 World Cup final, he scored 149 runs before beating Sri Lanka. That is, Adam played the most important role in conquering these three worlds.

If we talk about wicket-keeping, it was great there too. He has taken 905 wickets for wickets in his career. Gilchrist was the man who beat the opposing team in both batting and capping.

No. 2 Kumar Sangakkara Sri Lanka.

Sangakkara is a name in the world of cricket who is known for his heaps of runs. Together with Jayawardene, he destroyed world-renowned bowlers. There were many speakers in the world who were afraid to face them.

His batting style was very simple or he used his wrists to generate electricity and he was an expert in timing. He had all the scales on the cricket field that was enough to destroy any bowler. He is the second-highest run-scorer after Sachin.

Kumar Sangakkara can never be overlooked as the best wicket-keeper in the world. He was a very active wicketkeeper. Which would be a nightmare for the batsmen. Sangakkara was very intelligent. He also captained the cricket field and raised the banner of his intelligence in the field of education.

He has won several gold medals in his academic career. In his 15-year career, he stood behind the wickets and caught 748 batsmen. That is why the world still remembers him.

No. 1 Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of those people who got up on the strength of his intelligence and left everyone behind in the field of cricket. He was a very talented and brilliant cricketer. Which the world can never forget.

Before coming to cricket, he was a footballer and worked as a goalkeeper. When he came into cricket, he started wicket-keeping. The highlight of his wicket-keeping was that the batsmen were always afraid to leave the crease because they knew that if they did, it would not take long for them to get out. He has the ability to turn his smoky batting and turn the match around.

It is also considered the best feature in the world. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is considered one of the most intelligent captains in the world. He led his team to the 2007 T20 World Cup – Champions Trophy. He also won the 2011 Academic Cup. And today he is the richest player in the world. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one such wicket-keeper who has taken over 700 wickets so far.