7 Most Important and Modern B2B Marketing Techniques in 2021

B2B marketing becoming increasingly important. In the meantime, a few trends and marketing techniques have become established, which will become important in 2021 and beyond.

The trends in B2B Marketing for the year 2021 and beyond

The year 2021, there are the trends that will continue to be valid in B2B marketing beyond the year. Among other things, this is reflected in the fact that more and more companies are using these marketing techniques for small business as well as large scale.

The 7 most important B2B marketing techniques 2021 are:

  • Focus on the buyer’s persona
  • Influencer for building trust
  • Personal contacts and personal presence with the customer
  • Effective design of the customer journey
  • Interdisciplinary teams for success
  • Use big data effectively
  • Content Marketing remains the trump card

Focus on the people behind the companies

Many companies and their people make the mistake of seeing their partners in B2B marketing as a company. This mistake makes it very difficult to establish and use the various contact options that are common in normal B2C marketing. Many of these measures can be transferred specifically and, above all, easily, if the focus is more on the individual persons and decision-makers in the targeted companies.

B2B Marketing Techniques-Focus PeopleThe Buyers Persona must, therefore, move into focus. This is costly in parts, as it has to be determined first, but can then have a lasting impact on B2B marketing. Because it is now above all the decisive people to convince themselves of their own advantages and their own product or company.

The tools for this are more than familiar with B2C marketing and can be easily transferred. A targeted building of trust and targeted strengthening of one’s own brand can influence the decisions of this group of people sustainably and for the benefit of one’s own company.

Building trust through influencers

Trust in the brand and the products also play an important role in B2B marketing. This confidence can, as with the end customer, be built up specifically by influencers. However, the selection of suitable influencers in B2B marketing is much more demanding, as these influencers usually need to have a corresponding acquaintance and a corresponding standing in the business world. This usually also means that such influencers are significantly more expensive for the company and therefore have to be used very selectively.

Thus, it is important to focus on influencers who underline the professionalism of the company and who are judged on the basis of their judgment, the quality of the advertised product. The search for a suitable brand ambassador can be decisive for successful B2B marketing, but also bind many resources.

Personal presence strengthens brand awareness

Even though sales in many industries are increasingly shifting into the online world, personal contacts and personal identifications still play an important role in the B2B segment.

For this reason, you should not shy away from personal contact for successful B2B marketing but look for it.

Become involved in the most important trade fairs and meetings in your industry and ensure that your responsible employees are present. This may initially only make a small difference and hardly pay off. But the more often you show presence and the better known the faces of your employees become for your B2B contacts, the more Drive develops such a business relationship on a personal level.

Through the personal and human components, you can build trust in your own product and your own company and take B2B marketing to a whole new level. Because personal contacts have become rare in the online world and are still highly valued by decision-makers.

The customer journey is the focus of attention

If we have already dealt with Buyers Persona at the beginning, it is important to convince them in B2B Marketing of the advantages of their own company and to induce them to make a purchase decision.

The differences between B2C and B2B marketing are rather marginal.

It is the Buyers Persona on their way to a purchase decision to accompany the customer journey and to influence the customer at all touchpoints as far as possible. Important contact points include:

  • The search results on Google
  • Online and offline advertisements
  • Blog articles and content
  • Newsletter
  • Social media channels
  • Trade fairs and events

Ideally, the customer will be convinced and addressed in a targeted manner at each touchpoint of the customer journey. However, this is much more difficult in B2B marketing because customers often have to react differently. That’s why it’s important to focus on a few touchpoints on the customer journey, especially for B2B marketing.

Interdisciplinary teams for marketing success

In B2B marketing techniques, it depends not least on the successful approach of the customer and business partner. However, many people in marketing are too trapped in their own world and often distrusted by their vocabulary and responsibilities. For this reason, it is important that in B2B marketing, the language of the customer use in the decision-making.

Interdisciplinary B2B marketing teams provide the opportunity to bring more flexibility and adaptability to marketing and more effectively meet the needs and desires of customers.

Here, all areas of the company may be in demand, providing specific impulses and setting accents.

Big data is important in BGB marketing techniques

Big Data is more than just a buzzword. The use of big data is becoming increasingly important. Particularly in the B2B segment, the available data about the customer and his business relationships play an important role.

As a company, It’s important to collect this data to process it in a targeted and efficient manner to use it. Not only requires the appropriate programs, but also the workflow of their own employees should adapt to the use of data. Thus, the processed data in B2B marketing can be used to develop targeted persuasion strategies or to adapt their own products and their presentation to the preferences of a potential business partner.

Content Marketing as a cornerstone in B2B Marketing

Above all, content marketing means convincing the customer with well-founded expertise and covering its hunger for information. Especially in the B2B business, a long phase of information gathering often characterizes the purchasing process.

Meanwhile, most companies inform themselves online about potential suppliers and their products. So the better your own presence on the net and the more control you have over the various data. The more efficient companies can position themselves and present themselves in B2B marketing.